About Us

HIV-Nordic has a Board with 10 Board Members, each national member organization have two Board Members. HIV-Nordic have Board Meetings 2-3 times in a year ,with the main purpose of upholding awareness around the development on human rights issues for PLHIV in the Nordic region. We share best practice in the Nordic region, and develop new projects and  collaborate with different stakeholders in the field of HIV.

Our focal points

The Penal Codes affecting PLHIV has been a key aspect of our attention, as it has deep impact and influence on a personal level for PLHIV. Criminalization also affects healthcare, treatment and prevention strategies in the Nordic countries. It is essential for HIV-Nordic that PLHIV are involved in decisions made by authorities. Greater Involvement of People Living with or affected by HIV/Aids (GIPA), is a political statement that authorities around the world, should be obliged to follow.

Our work also follow aspects around sexual health for people living with HIV/Aids, intravenous drug users and needle exchange programs, asylum seekers and undocumented immigrants, epidemiology, travel and residence restrictions, treatment and medical issues, communicable disease acts, prevention and wider European and global issues.

Our work as an umbrella organization

From our Board Meetings and discussions, HIV-Nordic and our member organizations work to change issues that are contrary to the human rights for people living with HIV/Aids. The outcome of our meetings is set to be co-operating with authorities and organizations that have similar aims. By influencing authorities, members of the parliaments and the governments so that laws and regulations improve for PLHIV. Each Nordic countries law must comply with international conventions and recommendations.

All member organizations engage in different psychosocial support to their respective members and users. They also engage in combating discrimination and attitudes, working for the rights of PLHIV and raise awareness about PLHIV in society. The HIV-Nordic Board aims to develop and retain the education and knowledge of its members to grow stronger in supporting the network based in the member organizations.

Projects and activities

HIV-Nordic has both hosted and participated in a range of conferences and meetings. We actively took part in the World Aids Conferences in Toronto (2009), Mexico City (2010), Vienna (2011), with a booth at the Global Village. HIV-Nordic was also present at the World AIDS Conference in Washington 2012, in Melbourne 2014 and AIDS2016 in Durban. HIV-Nordic have members in EU HIV/AIDS Civil Society Forum.

In 2020 HIV-Nordic finalized the Nordic Hiv Treatment Quality Survey Report, a year-long survey project that was launched in 2019.

HIV-Nordic launched and finalized the Living with HIV during Covid-19 project in 2021. The project was a fusion of data gathering to increase knowledge about the effect of the pandemic on PLHIV and social initiative to bring together people across the Nordics.

In 2024 HIV-Nordic arranged a webinar and live event named “The Noridic HIV Experience”. The event was a hybrid event with participation both online and at the venue in Copenhagen. The event was divided into two parts; challenges in living with HIV and a discussion on empowerment.¬†

HIV-Nordic also has a history working in the Baltic region, and are open for collaboration with any organization in the region working with PLHIV in any capacity. HIV-Nordic can offer support in building opinion, influencing and lobbying towards government or other authorities and sharing best practices.