PrEP in Norway

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PrEP is availible in only two of the Nordic countries, Norway and Finland.  Sweden and Denmark has started discussions on how to implement PrEP, but have yet to conclude how to offer PrEP to those at risk of HIV. In Finland you pay for PrEP, because you pay for all your preventive medication yourself. Norway have full reimbursment for PrEP and all consultations are for free. There is estimates that 500 people are on PrEP in Norway.  The Olafia clinic have the main responisbility for prescribing and monitoring PrEP in Norway. Local hospitals can also prescribe and follow up PrEP patients. There is high demand on PrEP in the Oslo region, and a wating list for first consultations on PrEP at the Olafia clinic. A quicker alternative is a PrEP consultation at AHUS hospital, 30 min drive from Oslo.  You can read about what PrEP is, how it is used and how you accsess it on

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